Bulandshahar violence in uttar Pradesh

Why is there jungle raj in UP says “mayawati”Four person has been arrested and four detained after a police officer was shot dead deadly by a mob that surrounded police meneta village in western uttar Pradesh bulandshahar including the main accused identified as a Yogesh Raj.inspector Sudhir Kumar Singh before he was dead reportedly tried to control mob violence in the village after carcasses of 25 cows where found in the forest close to a police post.A local man was also killed in half hours of violence provided by the allegation of cow slaughter.The mob also burn down UP police station and set fire to several vehicles.

BSP leader mayawati hit out at the BJPthe violence in the bulandshahar BJP is responsible for the providing sanction of all kind of chaos” said “mayawati” in a statement.A compensation of 40 lakh rupees was also announced for his wife. and 10 lakh rupees for his parentsas well as government job for a family member

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